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There are 2 styles of antennas we can offer, the Surface Mount (Coax Antenna as a single piece) similar to what's built into the NUC, and a Coax+Antenna (separate pieces) style Template:-

Surface Mount

Black is 6" and Gray is 8" long. There is an MHF4 connector on one end to plug into the radio and the antenna on the other. The larger plate is the ground and is stuck to the surface of what you want to be the base for the antenna. The smaller flat "aerial" plate should be exposed outside of any metal box to maximize signal reception. We offer this as a set or individually and stock more of the 8". Two 8" can be used instead of the different lengths.

This is a similar style of antenna to what is used in laptops or your phone.

  • 742-0001-101 - ANTENNA SET, Dual-Band, MHF4, Intel NUC (This is one of each as shown in the picture and is exactly what is used in the NUC)
  • 742-0001-106 - ANTENNA, Dual-Band, MHF4 Black Main, 6in (This is the single black 6" coax antenna)
  • 742-0001-108 - ANTENNA, Dual-Band, MHF4 Gray AUX, 8in (This is the single gray 8" coax antenna)


Coax cable plus Antenna

This is 2 parts, one is an MHF4 to RP-SMA coax cable that plugs into the radio and then has a "bulkhead" connector that goes through a hole in the box and the second is a detachable antenna in which various lengths can be used to "amplify" the signal or adjust it to maximize the signal.

The coax cable is readily available in various lengths, we stock 4", 6" and 8".

The antenna is a Dual-Band 5dBi gain antenna (about 6" long when unfolded). This is similar to what you might see on your home router or full-size desktop computer.

We offer a "Kit" that will put 2 of each on an order so that you won't have to add anything else to the order.

  • 421-0002-001 - ANT KIT, 8in Coax MHF4 to RP-SMA 4in Ant (This is 2 of the coax and 2 of the antennas)

Remember you will need 2 coax and 2 antennas for both radio connectors if you add them to an order individually.

  • 752-0000-104 - COAX, Antenna MHF4 to RP-SMA 4in
  • 752-0000-106 - COAX, Antenna MHF4 to RP-SMA 6in
  • 752-0000-108 - COAX, Antenna MHF4 to RP-SMA 8in
  • 742-0020-004 - ANT, 2.4-5.3GHz 5dBi Gain 4in RP-SMA



We also offer a NUC Lid in which we unplug the Surface Mount antennas built into the top of the NUC and replace the Lid with an Antenna Lid and plug those cables in. Since some customers need this option to run extension cables, we don't bundle the antennas and they will need to be sold separately.

Antennas are not included with the lid.

  • 762-0010-011 - NUC 7 LID, Dual RP-SMA (Just the Lid with the RP-SMA connectors)

This Lid works with the standard Dual-Band antenna we offer.

  • 742-0020-004 - ANT, 2.4-5.3GHz 5dBi Gain 4in RP-SMA